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Previously on Masterflay's Journal...

I got a new microwave. My old was trying to burn my place down.

I had to return my new one. :( Turns out it's too powerful and was tripping the breaker. Unless I enjoy the idea of knowing my food is done by the lights going out, it has to go.

My new new microwave is super quiet while cooking food but super loud when telling me it's done.
Stupid new over-compensating microwave.

I heart homo ponies

TL:DR: #E-Qual-estria a MLP group on dA with a name referring to quality of art and no equality of humanity, probably. There's a TL;DR journal about the origins here - http://sunlight1236.deviantart.com/journal/E-Qual-estria-Origins-269412532

and who's tagline is "E-Quality for Every Brony", that's e-quality not equality. If there's equaility it's in a 'don't ask, don't tell' sorta way.

The Brony Commander of the group SiliconGlass recently posted a journal, eleven reasons why homosexual is wrong, - http://siliconglass.deviantart.com/journal/Listen-up-Eleven-reasons-why-Homosexual-is-wrong-281693763#comments (EDIT: Screencap or it didn't happen - http://killyourfamily.deviantart.com/art/Infamous-Last-Words-281892529) a religion-filled rant against gay people and everyone who loves them and has now been permanently banned from dA. Wonder why? *sarcasticshrug*

*Sunlight1236 is the top Mare of E-Qual-estria and not related to SunlightStarry created of the stamp in question - http://sunlightstarry.deviantart.com/art/True-Bronies-Stamp-280749399

Flicking around their pages and reading far to many words back and forth on the matter, leads me to believe it's less of an 'it's not canon!11!!' issue and more of a religious one. Good God!

I believe that arguing with them is pointless since they've tied their hate of homosexuals to their love of God. In their minds accepting homosexual (or more accurately anyone who isn't 100%heterosexual) would be a rejection of God. One would need to first separate these two in order to allow an acceptance without effecting their feeling towards God.
That's never going to happen online in any argument involving magical ponies.

So I made this picture and some flowcharts, because that's what I do.

It's either that or kill myself.

Cut for imageCollapse )


Dexter heavy duty trash bags

I figured I jump onto the crappy gift bandwagon of people whining about their lack of iphones, cars and whatever else you kids are into these days.

This year I got tin foil as well as a thing of mustard that they give away at the car place, a family-size can of ravioli, a jar of cheez-wiz that expires in two weeks, Wonderful (or so claims Chewie?/Snoopie?/Whoopie?/that girl from Jersey Shore) pistachios, and laundry soap.

So what do I win internet? Cookies?

Well Mom already sent girl guide mint cookies! OMG, those are crack. YUM!

I'm kidding, while I did get those things I also got a microwave which I desperately needed. My old one was surely plotting to burn my place down.

The picture is my little way of bragging about my boxing day find. Are those not the most messed up/hilarious nerd merch ever?

_____ Dexter-Time! _______

Oh wow, that's the Dexter ending we've been waiting for since the first season. <3
I'm however disappointed Dexter hasn't found Louis package yet and his whole plot wasn't resolve. Great more questions!
Maybe I'm less interested in Debra seeing Dexter because I can somewhat guess about what could happen there. The books have already tackled that issue*, by having Debra largely ignore it. I figure the show however will address it but how much does Debra find out? They can't deny him killing DDK, Dexter might tell her he killed Trinity because it's a nice peace offering.

Oh sure I killed DDK and placed you as my boss in a shitty-ass spot but oh hey I killed the guy who killed Lundy.

I doubt they'd take on the Bay harbor butcher or any other murder as that's a rabbit hole they don't want to go down. Many many episodes of explanation and talking, not very useful plot-moving forward device.

My prediction is next season will open like season five, right after we left off but I suspect Dexter and Debra will be interrupted by someone else, (other detectives?) forcing Debra into action and a decision to hide Dexter's actions. Otherwise 55 minutes isn't going to cover the 'holy fuck my brother just killed someone, in premeditation'.

Her therapy sessions are going to get a whole lot more interesting.

*I'm waiting for the books to have Debra find out Brain is still alive.
Dexter knows Brain is still alive, the ice truck killer and his brother.
Rita knows Brain is alive and Dexter's brother.
Debra doesn't know Brain is still alive but does know he's the ice truck killer.

Seriously it's only a matter of time. *big-grin*

This meal still has a face

I could have lived my whole life believing penguins would tasted like neapolitan ice cream...... :(


Doctor Who fanservice final

I tried to get as close to the source as possible, Doctor Who has a surprising amount of topless nudity of the main character.
7 out of 11 from just within the DW canon alone. Once I realised that, I have to try to go for a complete set.
1. William Hartnell
I couldn't find anything with Hartnell (perhaps the BBC burned it all) so here's my artists interpretation of what that would look like.
2. Patrick Troughton
"Sometime in Season 6B.... " Yup that's Frazer Hines, No Specific Episode Known.
3. Jon Pertwee
'Spearhead from Space' the very first Third Doctor episode and he gets a shower scene, that occurs during an escape scene. Fantastic!
4. Tom Baker
'The Deadly Assassin'. Wet T-shirt scene. While I'm told there is full frontal nudity in 'Canterbury Tales', I lack photographic evidence (from the front anyway), plus is not close to the source material.
5. Peter Davison
I'm told this was taken on set during 'Planet of Fire'
6. Colin Baker
Some pool, some where... don't know if it was taken during the same time as another picture with Patrick Troughton (The Two Doctors). Seventies Porno Colin pictures reserved for The Eleven Doctors Beards/moustaches Version!
7. Sylvester McCoy
'Doctor Who: The Movie'
8. Paul McGann
'Doctor Who:The Movie' Paul McGann only go one television appearance but it still managed to contain topless nudity of him, of Syvester McCoy, and Bondage Fun with the Master. *thumbs up*
9. Christopher Eccleston
'Dalek' Van Statten's crappy alien x-ray/torture device doesn't work through clothes, not that we're complaining of course.
10. David Tennant
'Journey's End' Clones count too.
11. Matt Smith
'The Eleventh Hour' & 'The Lodger' Matt Smith strips down in his very first episode. This picture is from 'The Lodger'.

I'm also working on a Facial Hair, Drag and Bondage versions as well.
If you have any pictures, or know of any specific episodes that feature something from those lists please let me know. Ideally I'll be working from Doctor Who, but I realise for things like the breads and drag ones I'm going to be pulling pictures from other works the actors have done.

I'm also interested in any of the other DW actors/actresses in anything interesting/funny for the awesome.

Doctor Who Guide to Beards
by =caycowa on deviantART

Amy: "Rory, where'd the Dcotor go?"
Rory: "I'm sure he's around here somewhere. He'll be fine he's a Time Lord after all"
Amy: (sigh) "That's just what they're called, it's doesn't actually mean he knows what he's doing"